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Department:  Public Works - Admin
Contact Info:  Tiffany Thorndike | 563-888-2066
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Resolution supporting actions, strategies, and programs that promote energy, environmental, and climate change sustainability and resiliency. [All Wards]
Adopt the Resolution.

The Council shall continue to incorporate environmental resource conservation and protection and climate effect mitigation into City plans, actions, and the City Administrator’s Work Plan and Operational and CIP budgets; continue collecting energy and resource use data; and set fiscally viable and sustainable goals to address and mitigate the causes and effects of climate change and environmental degradation.


The Council also commits to continue supporting actions, strategies, and programs that lower the emission of greenhouse gases and reduce the impact of City operations and infrastructure on the environment and air and water quality across departments, including but not limited to fleet management, facility management, purchasing, and stormwater and floodplain management.


The Council supports staff more effectively competing for grants and funding from governmental and non-governmental entities for environmental conservation and climate change resilience and supports adaptation actions that are in line with the above mentioned actions as they meet individual department objectives with a formal policy supporting operational and capital improvement plans and actions and making such actions an integral and acknowledged part of good governance and use of taxpayer funds.


The Council supports staff continuing to partner and collaborate with local, regional, and state agencies, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, businesses and business organizations, and other relevant entities to share information, ideas, and processes; to explore grants and other financial programs for supporting this effort; and continue to work towards improved climate and environmental resilience. City staff shall make efforts to apply for grants in line with these goals as they meet individual department objectives.

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