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City of Davenport

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Department:  City Clerk
Contact Info:  Mayor & Council
Wards:  All
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First Consideration:  Ordinance amending Chapter 2.58 entitled "Civil Rights Commission" to replace it with a new "Human and Civil Rights Agency". [All Wards]
Approve the ordinance

Over the past nine years, the City of Davenport has been reviewing and evaluating its boards and commissions.  The mission is increasing effectiveness, improving accountability and streamlining processes for citizens.


On this agenda is an item which will replace the Civil Rights Commission with the Davenport Human and Civil Rights Agency.


The proposal preserves the important role that an independent volunteer citizen board that is broadly representative of the community fulfills in resolving and adjudicating complaints and contested cases.  A Civil Rights Citizen Hearing Board consisting of  seven members serving staggered terms will be appointed.  After the initial appointments the term will be 4 years.  The preference is to appoint the current commissioners who express a desire to continue their service in this area.  


This new agency also will have a three member governing board tasked with administrative, operational and budgetary oversight of the agency.  The three members of this board will be city council members.


The general purpose of the ordinance change is twofold: 1) improve administrative oversight of the personnel, operations and budget of the agency while increasing accountability to the community; and 2) facilitate the restructuring of the commission for potential regional collaboration.


For citizens, the complaint process will not look any different than it does today. The customer service perspective will remain unchanged.  We will continue to follow the guidelines as established by federal, state and local law.

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